Paintings from America's most innovative art movement now on display at the Tampa Museum of Art  . If you aren’t familiar with abstract art, then you really need to see Abstract Expressionism: A Social Revolution at the Tampa Museum of Art. And if you are familiar with abstract expressionism, then this show is probably already on your list.

For the uninitiated, the abstract expressionism movement is known for its mural-size paintings and lack of obvious subject matter. These two elements combined make for a unique viewing experience.

You step into the artists’ world when you stand before these large canvases, but there is nothing to grab on to. Without a clear subject matter, you wander through bold brush strokes, aggressive knife scrapes, and stained canvas searching for meaning. But all you have to draw on are your own experiences. In the end, these paintings force you to look inside yourself.

Abstract Expressionism: A Social Revolution presents 25 abstract art works from Preston Haskell’s collection. The Jacksonville collector has one of the most impressive large abstract art collections in the United States. We’re talking over 300 works of art between his architecture & engineering firm and his private home. Haskell doesn’t think about the art after a building goes up. He designs the building around the art.

For Haskell, art is essential to fostering creativity. And creativity is essential for the success of an architecture and engineering firm like Haskell Company. It’s a synergistic relationship we all get to benefit from now that Haskell has loaned these 25 works of art to TMA.

The works chosen include paintings by Josef Albers, Willem de Kooning, Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell, Franz Kline, and Hans Hofmann. They are some of the finest works of abstract expressionism you will ever lay eyes on. And almost all the heavy hitters are represented.

The one that’s missing: Jackson Pollock. But who the hell can afford a Pollock these days? The last time Haskell was offered a Pollock, it cost $15 million and it was small, he tells me.

Altogether, Haskell’s collection of abstract canvas works represent an exciting chapter in art history. Experience it at the Tampa Museum of Art this summer.

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In truth, there is a school of essential Extra Large Abstract Canvas Art oil painting called "hyperrealism". The pictures of the performs could be demonstrated indiscriminately, reaching the point of "second killing" camera, and creating a new strong visual jolt. Inside Custom Abstract Paintings design, right now there are also many men and women to "face the photograph painting" as a approach.


Leng Jun, Bassesse Leader of Wuhan Piece of art Academy, is among the representatives of superrealism Large Abstract Art Sale oil painting in The far east. He or she is also the determine of the essential oil painting event area of this art exhibit. Inside Leng Jun's look at, the works selected for this oil painting exhibition "only an extremely small number are true hyperrealism, nearly all of choices realism. "

Is there a not enough creativity in drawing pictures? Based to Leng Jun, "It is common for artists to make use of photographic materials in order to create, but it is usually meaningless to repeat photographs entirely. The way to embody the "painting idea" of any piece of art inside words of the level of material change in addition to the artist's exercise is a factor considered by typically the judges.

Xiao Feng, a new famous olive oil painter, feels that since the 1st batch of Chinese learners attended the West in order to study olive Large Abstract Paintings in the eighties, Chinese olive oil painters have formed a "million army" up to be able to now, plus the oil painting exhibition at this national fine art exhibition can also be "unprecedented grandeur", "China will definitely become a huge oil painting country. inches

But Xiao Feng likewise said, "Oil artwork will be not necessarily an excellent region. As an official countrywide exhibition, the theme of the National Artwork Event has some tendency. Although the style of the performs absorbs something of modernity, it is still inadequate. Olive oil painting language need to be colorful, not simply reasonable. In contrast with the planet trend, we still require to work hard.

Large Abstract Paintings, as a unique art, has received widespread attention. How to paint a good Extra Large Modern & Contemporary Canvas Art ? Let's have a look.


First of all, you need to prepare professional canvas, wood (plywood) or oil painting paper as a medium for painting. Usually when we learn oil painting at the primary level, we usually use wooden boards as the medium of painting, mainly for the convenience and easy modification of students'painting. We let students draw directly on a kind of three-ply board. In fact, wood oil painting is very popular in Western oil painting. It is hard and can be painted with scrapers, hard pens and other tools. Moreover, it can be painted very thick. If the painting is broken, it can be shoveled and painted again and again until the picture is satisfactory.

Big Abstract Wall Art is based on the medium of oil paints to create works. It has become a world-wide painting. First of all, it has a strong expressive force. For example, it can cover countless times and draw again and again. Secondly, it has bright color, strong saturation and is not easy to change color. Thirdly, it can be modified repeatedly and has strong plasticity.Especially it does not work as fast as watercolours and gouache paintings, it is not easy to modify if the paintings are bad.

To have a palette, it is a tool used by the painter for color adjustment, usually used to adjust the various colors is to use it to reconcile. Palette knife, using it can save the waste of color and adjust the color more evenly, you can use the palette knife to adjust the  Black and White Abstract Art color on the palette. The next step is to use the brush to paint on the canvas that is prepared in advance.

1.Sketch: The preparation of sketch is the key to creation. The clarity and maturity of sketch is the concentrated expression of the author's thoughts and feelings, comprehensive expressive force and composition ability. Sketch must determine the concrete expression and image of this painting.

2.Canvas: Generally, we can enlarge the sketch to get the accuracy and affirmation of hope. After enlarging the sketch on the original draft, we can make some necessary modifications and deepen the concrete enrichment. I hope that the sketch has shown clear expression in the draft stage.

3.Colouring: The way of expression pays more attention to the directness and the first sense. You can choose the part that you think plays a key role in the beginning, so the first color often determines the color and shadow expression of the whole work. Character's face is undoubtedly the most important, you can ask yourself to feel the best when some parts of the painting area strive for a painting, which requires a good grasp of the strong body fluctuations in each stroke; the strength of color and the thickness of color layer sometimes the picture will appear unexpected effect, which is the natural expression of painting imagination, therefore, good control and confirmation is very important. 。 Generally speaking, my painting at this stage is not very regular. I only start painting at the same time in several related parts, some parts need to be repeated.

4.Overall readjustment: this stage is critical. It needs more patience. This stage is not as pleasant as the previous stage. It is the stage of emotional development and excitement. On the one hand, this stage is to supplement some weak parts of the picture. On the other hand, it is to try to make each part of the picture full of expression and appeal. Sometimes there can be a very exciting situation at this stage.

Oil painting decorative painting is painted with  Buy Big Painting Art techniques and pigments. It is different from traditional Contemporary Art oil painting. It changes from abstract painting. It uses strong color visual effect and abstract freehand style to express ideas. It seems simple, but it has rich connotation and connotation. Change style, color and decoration with the change of the times.

Contemporary Wall Decor

Nowadays, some places in the Middle East still like traditional Extra Large Contemporary Art, but most countries and regions in the world, including China and Europe and the United States, have obvious characteristics of the times, like and popular decorative paintings, such as: oil painting decorative paintings natural colored stone decorative paintings.

There are many ways of painting oil decorative paintings, and now they are widely used:

1. Pure hand-painted. It is also divided into brush painting, knife painting, knife-and-pen combination painting, which belongs to high-end painting, but there are also cheap decorative paintings using propylene and pumice and other materials. If you use good oil paints, coupled with real artistic accomplishment of the painter, then there will be a real work of art. There is also a kind of Handmade Abstract Painting, which can draw high-quality pure hand-painted oil paintings, just like a printing press, hand-printed, painted oil paintings uniform, more imitation of famous products, is a commercial oil painting.

2. Use modern printing technology to paint first, then the painter draws again, or all or part of the hand-painted, which is a typical commercial oil painting.

3. Machine printing, and then adding brush strokes with the machine, very oil painting effect, can only be Mongolian layman, said to be a masterpiece, belongs to the product of the times - to cheap and good quality, can only be so, very cheap, just expensive in the cost of canvas.

Nowadays, oil painting decorations without frames and natural stone decorations are popular. Because there is no frame, there is no restraint, free thought has the feeling of expression, natural and beautiful, but the times will determine its trend.