If you believe that painting is a wonderful way to express one's personal, emotional and character, then you may be interested in abstract painting, which seems to be a freer practice than figurative painting, and therefore, at least in theory, more real, a purer form of creativity.

But is the hand-painted abstract canvas art really that deep? Or does it seem to be a meaningless "everything" world of "unable to paint" artists? We'll let you draw a conclusion. But here are my six thoughts on the subject.

1. We don't need external expression
Many artists, both beginners, and experienced artists regret that visual art seems to rely on physical objects in the real world. We can sing about our innocent feelings, but we can't paint them. We must at least paint what exists beyond mere emotion.
But in fact, abstract oil painting does bring us closer to this kind of unrestrained creativity and emotional expression, and we may think of music more broadly.

The Magic of abstract painting is the recognition that we do not have to be bound by the "rules" and "techniques" of traditional painting, or that we clearly need to use our paintings to "represent" actual physical objects. All of it. In short, at least in theory, it has to do with the dope itself.

2. oil painting on canvas
You don't have to stretch or buy a canvas to start using abstract painting. In fact, MDF panels and acrylic paint work well together. All you have to do to provide the right foundation for your painting is to polish the panels and apply a plaster.

3. Black lines are not only good for Silhouettes
So, let's imagine that you use a lot of vibrant blues, reds, and yellow shades, perhaps with a little white, in your abstract paintings to provide some bloom in the right place. What role can black play in your painting? Of course, if you mix it with other colors, do you end up with something that looks very cloudy?
That may be true, but another strategy might be to add black lines to the picture. No, we don't have to use them as the contours of the color plane, but rather to add movement, spontaneity, and unpredictability to your painting.

4. For unskilled painters, abstract painting is not a "get out of jail" card
In some ways, abstract painting enjoys a high reputation in the "all-there-is" world and indeed has brought us serious damage. After all, abstract painting is still an expression, and the most successful abstract artists are those who know how to use it most effectively.
Don't use the practice of abstract painting as an excuse to ignore important areas such as perspective, plasticity, color theory, composition, shading, and three dimensions. In fact, the abstract painting canvas living room is the perfect combination of art and expressive skills with more technical skills.

5. If you're intimidated by drawing, START WITH A DOODLE
Those who are more accustomed to painting more obviously representational or "representational" realistic scenes, or who rarely paint at all on the surface, are understandably at a loss before embarking on an abstract painting.

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If this describes you, a good way to get yourself out of the Rut of "reality" is to start with a few simple doodles on paper. Notice how complex and fascinating your art can be when you're just spontaneous, lacking self-awareness and refusing to stop moving a pen or pencil (including the shapes, segments, and other marks you've made).

It's all about creating yourself in a new way of thinking, not trying to think in a new way of thinking.

There is nothing "easy" about abstract painting
You may think of abstract painting as a "soft" form of painting, not a completely harsh form of painting, but this is a concept that should be eliminated.
In fact, the creation of abstract painting requires you to pay a lot. After all, you don't have real-world detail support to help you make every brush stroke or composition decision.

You must look to your imagination, knowledge, and experience for all the elements that make up abstract painting. Abstract painting not only lets you decide everything for yourself, but it also requires you to do so.

As my own abstract painter, I appreciate what this very unique form of creativity represents, no matter what the critics say. What are your thoughts on the subject of abstract painting, and what are your findings in trying to be abstract?

The children's room is a place full of fun. The best way to be creative. Whimsical, imaginative world and the whole world. If the design is right, that is. And the children's furniture you collect is not enough. You also need some wall decor for kids.

There are many wall art ideas. But to tie it all up cohesively, you will need to decorate the wall for the children.

Fortunately, qiqiart.com can turn the dull children's room wall into the focus of attention.

Children's wall decoration
Each large wall art design comes directly from our children's canvas art collection and kindergarten wall art collection. After a few excavations, you may be able to find the perfect wall decoration for your child to display in a nursery, toddler, or children ’s room.

Without further ado, here are our personal picks.

mickey mouse canvas wall art, cartoon wall paintings

Mickey Mouse and Friends
Ah, the famous mouse has attracted thousands of people, including adults. But it's not just Mickey. His friends get to come along for the ride on the wall art too. If your child is a big fan of Disney and Mickey Mouse, then it’s a no-brainer if we say that this is a must-have large pop art canvas.

Whimsical art
I personally cannot choose between the two. So I figured, why not combine the two into one? They do look fascinating and incredible, they appear in a classic way. If you are a fan of very traditional colors and artworks, these two may be your ideal choice. This is a fantastic image of a swing scene or a fantasy tree made of colors.

Children themed art
However, if a little dash of realism is your style, check out these three designs. For children's wall decoration, we will not only stay where children like. We also want to embody a lovely and ideal childrens wall art for bedrooms.

When you put them in a nursery room or children's room dominated by white or equivalent light-colored paint, all three will become an interesting focus full of colors.

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Cute animal galore
Sometimes, the best type of decoration is the ones that can be real-life. In my own humble opinion, nothing matches a child’s level of cuteness quite like an equally adorable baby animal.

But puppy. Especially puppies. When you think about it, don't the rambunctious nature of puppies remind you of your energetic children? or curious child?

The perfect wall decoration for children
Of course, this does not stop there. After all, this is just our opinion. If you need other content not listed by us, you can always choose to create your own content by custom canvas painting.

Who said you still have to strictly follow the latest interior design trends? Remember, the main purpose of decorating the children's room, in the end, is to be practical and educational.

sophisticated painted oil paintings can add elegance and style to the overall decoration of any given location. Good artwork reproductions can add uniqueness, character, and style to a given space. Most art enthusiasts want original artwork created by famous artists. These masterpieces are often quoted at high prices. Due to the high price of these paintings, most people cannot buy them. Most original art cannot be sold, so it is difficult to obtain. They are often exhibited in world-renowned museums. In this case, painting reproductions are often a perfect choice. They are almost perfect reproductions of the original work.

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How are the art reproductions created?
It is generally observed that many large canvas painting reproductions fail to match the vibrant colors and style of the large painting on canvas originals. This makes creating good reproductions of artwork a difficult and arduous task. the acrylic abstract painting represents a superior art form. Due to the complexity of making fine artwork, only skilled artists can justify their reproduction.

The first step in creating a high-quality oil painting involves choosing the right stretched canvas surface. Canvas is usually the most preferred surface for oil painting. Few artists choose pressed wood, cardboard, plank and linoleum surfaces for oil painting. The canvas is stretched on a suitable wooden frame. A layer of plaster is then applied to isolate the acidity and surface of the paint.

Once the surface is ready, the artist will draw the outline based on the original artwork. The next step involves applying a pigment that is usually mixed with a certain amount of linseed oil. Oils such as safflower oil, poppy seed oil, and walnut oil can also be used. However, when using different types of oils, it is important to consider their effect on the paint. Using the right oil can produce museum-quality oil paintings.

Paint is usually applied to the canvas using a brush. The quality of the painting depends on the type of brush used to create the appropriate effect. Some artists also use palette knives to paint. These knives use flat metal blades used as painting tools. Other tools such as sponges, cotton swabs and rags can also be used. Some artists also create beautiful artworks with their fingers. To make oil paintings for sale, paint is applied in layers to produce the desired effect.

In recent years, the market for reproduction famous painting has increased. Due to the reasonable price, more and more people are choosing reproduction paintings. These paintings can be effectively used to enhance the overall decoration of the place.

ornamental portray is a completely essential part of modern home decoration, pick out an affordable and exquisite decorative painting to beautify. the easy sense which can promote the area and also make people sense comfy, the way to pick an ornamental painting is the best. below allow ’s communicate approximately “how to pick out a wall art decor”.
the shade of the decorates photograph has to be appropriate with the building and indoor fixtures. for instance, if the interior has a big vicinity of white then select a mild body; but if indoors layout mass-tone attune is a rather vivid color, so had better select color shiny-colored picture frame. of course, additionally, take into account the frame and the selection of the abstract wall art itself shade additionally need to coordinate.
the best of the body can decide the overall texture of the large abstract artwork. therefore, we must pay attention to the craftsmanship and environmental protection of the frame, and choose the fine inside the finances. the higher the logo's products, the higher the workmanship and the higher the after-income carrier. and many low-cost merchandises are frequently inferior. not most effective are they susceptible to high-quality troubles along with peeling and cracking of painted leaves after use, however additionally they do no longer have sufficient after-sales service.
there are various forms of wall paintings available on the market, however, the fashion that does not say an adornment attracts is a joker. the adornment image of different issues and content material suits distinctive furniture patterns. as an example, mosaic, acrylic, and glass artwork are greater colorful and warm in style, that's greater suitable for newly married families. and dangle to speak about to color, bamboo makes up a photograph, rope knot to draw this sort of craft sex is stronger adornment draws on whole dignified and primitive simplicity, lasting appeal is thick, fit for color darker Chinese fashion household fashion; and greater contemporary photo kind is painted on the image more anacreontic, level is clear, vision is open, suitable at shriveled and exceptional modern family decorates a fashion.
Size of the space
the dimensions of the wall art in canvas isn't invariable. the scale of the decorative painting needs to be selected according to the size of the space. if the gap is particularly small, pick a small ornamental portray and frame. here is a small suggestion. if there are more fixtures or different add-ons in a small space, you can definitely drop the decorative painting, leave enough area for area, make the distance appearance coordinated and pleased, and reduce the sense of oppression.
Family atmosphere
the family ecosystem is -manner. an inexpensive choice of decorative painting can also beautify the family environment to a certain volume. regular families can choose a simple modern abstract wall art to reflect the cultural surroundings; households with enormously robust artistic accomplishments can pick decorative artwork according to their alternatives, or use some collectible artwork to decorate the flavor of space.

in standard, the choice of ornamental painting is to make area-specific, so the quantity isn't always the maximum vital.

the modern ornamental portray area is likewise very small, and if it is densely hung in a sure region, it will look proper.

however maintain in thoughts, that does not suggest it may be protected.

under the idea of leaving clean, to make sure the general texture of the ornament.