When you first step into the hotel, you will be immediately affected by the surrounding environment. From the first sight of the hotel lobby to the front desk to the elevator, to your room, and further away, you can immediately determine whether the hotel is carefully designed, integrated and luxurious.

The expression “the eye of the viewer” has always played a role in the world of art and design, because we acquire knowledge of things through our senses. When adding design elements to hotel properties, especially tourists and guests, they want to feel the impact of the surrounding areas and the comfort of their homes, while still enjoying the benefits of the stimulation of travel.

From furniture to paint, the design of commercial and hotel properties is crucial. When it comes to prominent visual aspects such as abstract works of art, designers and owners should look for people to pass through or make special aspects of the area (cities, states, etc.). More specifically, interior designers of these projects should look for abstract art paintings based on authenticity and trigger emotional reactions with hotel guests. It can be as simple as choosing the right palette to use with the furniture around it or as complex as the legendary artist in the hotel or the legendary artist in the hotel’s location

In addition, abstract art in commercial and hotel properties is very subjective. This means that it needs to be suitable for specific design concepts and audiences who will use this attribute. For example, if it is located in a historical area of a city famous for musical events or history, Abstract canvas should celebrate this culture.

As for the actual design process and planning phase, when designers work on their next hotel project, they should find a gallery or art supplier to work with them to understand their specific needs and what they want to communicate with their ideas. The first thing galleries and vendors should do is look at the proposed space requirements. In most cases, the Oversized Abstract wall art should be scaled to accommodate space. What matters is how people interact with space. Is it a spacious lobby, office space, conference room or atrium area or a lower ceiling and corridor? You should always consider the functions of these spaces. Once you choose large Abstract canvas art, paint should use high museum quality materials for extinction and framing, which will protect acrylic paintings and their life. The non-reflective option of glass or plexiglass is always recommended.

All these design details should be carefully considered and planned with the location of the property, the environment, frequent customers and more people. Ultimately, what really affects the hotel interior is the emotional and real connection. Abstract canvas painting can be an unforgettable experience