In truth, there is a school of essential Extra Large Abstract Canvas Art oil painting called "hyperrealism". The pictures of the performs could be demonstrated indiscriminately, reaching the point of "second killing" camera, and creating a new strong visual jolt. Inside Custom Abstract Paintings design, right now there are also many men and women to "face the photograph painting" as a approach.


Leng Jun, Bassesse Leader of Wuhan Piece of art Academy, is among the representatives of superrealism Large Abstract Art Sale oil painting in The far east. He or she is also the determine of the essential oil painting event area of this art exhibit. Inside Leng Jun's look at, the works selected for this oil painting exhibition "only an extremely small number are true hyperrealism, nearly all of choices realism. "

Is there a not enough creativity in drawing pictures? Based to Leng Jun, "It is common for artists to make use of photographic materials in order to create, but it is usually meaningless to repeat photographs entirely. The way to embody the "painting idea" of any piece of art inside words of the level of material change in addition to the artist's exercise is a factor considered by typically the judges.

Xiao Feng, a new famous olive oil painter, feels that since the 1st batch of Chinese learners attended the West in order to study olive Large Abstract Paintings in the eighties, Chinese olive oil painters have formed a "million army" up to be able to now, plus the oil painting exhibition at this national fine art exhibition can also be "unprecedented grandeur", "China will definitely become a huge oil painting country. inches

But Xiao Feng likewise said, "Oil artwork will be not necessarily an excellent region. As an official countrywide exhibition, the theme of the National Artwork Event has some tendency. Although the style of the performs absorbs something of modernity, it is still inadequate. Olive oil painting language need to be colorful, not simply reasonable. In contrast with the planet trend, we still require to work hard.