A lot of people are compared now the effect that notices decorate, can choose a few adornment sex stronger article to decorate a room.
Three-dimensional blue abstract arts is a favorite of many people nowadays, but now there are many types of three-dimensional decorative painting on the market
Three-dimensional decorative painting - shopping tips

1. Look at the three-dimensional handmade decorative paintings, which are mostly handmade, including carving, weaving and adhesive.
When buying, want to see picture whole feeling above all, look want comfortable, harmonious;
You can then touch it with your hands. The carving should be smooth and the knitting and adhesive should be firm.

2. Look at the three-dimensional decorative painting of patterns, which usually contains characters, flowers, sceneries and abstractions, and each has its own features. When selecting a design, choose the appropriate pattern according to the space placed, so as to avoid conflicts with the space style.

3. The color of picture frame should be integrated with the environment. The home is always full of various colors, no matter it is the wall color, or the color of furniture, ground, curtain, sofa and so on will be different.
If indoor display is mainly white tone, the color of picture frame should not be too deep;
Conversely, indoor display colour is powerful, should not choose the picture frame that is all white.
As for the work itself, the color of the frame should be coordinated with it, and the contrast should not be too strong.

Three-dimensional decorative painting - maintenance

(1) decorative paintings should be hung in a stable environment to avoid the expansion or contraction of the canvas caused by excessive changes in temperature and humidity.
If the position of the painting is closer to the window, put a cork between the bottom of the frame and the wall to prevent the painting from being affected by the damp of the wall.

(2) after painting, it is best to cover it with a board to prevent dust or insects from entering the work.

(3) in the home must maintain hygiene and clean, avoid painting too much dust, affect the decorative effect of painting.

(4) if you want to put the picture away, be careful not to go near the window and remember to let the heat escape from time to time.

Above is about stereo adornment picture a few choose and buy skill, hoped to look after to everybody buy dimensional adornment picture to had certain help.
Stereoblue abstract arts is a kind of adornment that is more popular now, so when we are in choose and buy, can choose a few adornment sex to be stronger, such ability can better decorate our house